Alisa has given me emotional and spiritual support during a very difficult time in my life, the loss of my Beloved. Because of her commitment and deep level integrity to her work, her words and images rang true for me and she brought a sense of peace and joy to my heart.  As Alisa channels, there is no doubt that Spirit is present and wanting to be heard through her. I have recommended her to many people and everyone’s experience has been a blessing. She is my friend and my teacher and I am grateful for the work she is doing in the world.


(My reading) was so right on that I asked my friend (who referred me to Alisa) if she told her my story. I asked her again and again!  Alisa gave me validation. I had been going through some things and she knew about them without me telling her. Thanks, Alisa.


Alisa came into my life at a time of great challenge and transition for me. Like a breath of fresh air, the balance of her humble, honest and compassionate nature inspired a deep felt trust within minutes of our conversation. Alisa gave me my first reading over the phone. As she spoke of my past and present circumstances, I was dumbfounded by her accuracy. She spoke to my heart and soul with such insight! I found transcendental healing in her words… as though they were setting me free. When she talked about the future and my direction, which I could not see clearly at the time, I could only say to myself… “Well, I guess I’ll see what’s to come”. But as I made choices and decisions along the way, I often reflected on Alisa’s words. The wild thing is that she told me what community I would end up living in! I attempted to purchase several houses in surrounding areas… all of which fell through for one reason or another. And sure enough, a “destiny” situation came about – for the sellers and myself  – and FINALLY my home purchase happened!

Now I’m living in a beautiful home and I’m so excited and happy to be living a peaceful new life. Now, I have to say that Alisa shared something with me that I simply haven’t been ready to accept, even though I’ve known it was the truth and the right thing. In fact, I’m just now getting there (I think!). The choice is always ours. But to this day – a year later – I still think about my first reading with Alisa, and how she held up the mirror of truth for me.  Alisa has incredible vision and amazing intuition. I know her gift of insight comes from Spirit — a place of great love, compassion and strength. Thank you, Alisa… for committing to living your purpose, giving your gift of connection to Spirit and Truth, for sharing it with the world and for supporting me in my journey.”


Alisa passed on a message to me from my grandmother, who passed away forty years ago.  I never had the opportunity to meet either of my grandparents, and had only heard stories thru my father or other relatives about them.  The message was comprehensive, accurate and emotional.  My grandmother told Alisa that she had enjoyed watching a young, blonde, girl play the piano, and that she had acted as a ‘guide’ for me.  She also had an odd message for a woman named ‘Missy’ or ‘Misty’.  She asked that this woman be thanked for ‘the brave thing she did’ and that my grandmother ‘admired’ her.  Here’s how the message relates to my life:

I was the only member of my family to play the piano, and also the only blonde girl in the family.  My dad always told me that he felt his mother’s presence in our home, and felt that she was protecting us.  As a teenager, I started experimenting with some dangerous things, and my best friend, Mitzi, stepped in and had the courage to intervene.  At the time (being the rebellious teenager I was), I was resentful of this intervention, and held on to the resentment for many years.  Even though we remain friends now, I suddenly realized that I never thanked her for her courage.  I called Mitzi to tell her the message and we had an emotional moment.  Her intervention had been a turning point in which I can clearly remember two paths being presented to me.  Because of Mitzi, I chose the path that led me to a great education, family and healthy lifestyle, rather than the alternative.  In analyzing why this would be significant to my grandmother, I realized that she did not want me to take the path she, herself, had chosen.  She was an alcoholic, and died of the disease at an early age.

Alisa has also described my grandfather, his mannerisms and personality almost exactly to what relatives have described.  She said that he tends to stay towards the back and allow my grandmother to do most of the ‘talking’.  This is also representative to the dynamics of their relationship, as told to me by relatives.

It would be difficult for me to try to express the meaning, feelings and emotions behind this message.  They range from scared, elated, remorseful, but mostly gratified.  I am forever grateful for the connection I was able to make with my grandmother thru Alisa’s abilities.

One other time Alisa’s talents were proven true, was when I was in the early stages of pregnancy.  Alisa told me that she saw a ‘glow’ around me, and that she was convinced I was pregnant.  I was convinced of just the opposite, and told her she had to be wrong.  I should have trusted her intuition, because she was right, and knew before even a home pregnancy test could confirm it.


In my peripheral circle for a long time, but without strong direct knowledge of my life’s story, Alisa intuitively touched into the ‘morphic field’ of myself and my life with an inspired vision. Her reading brought a clear and profoundly important multidimensional perspective that awoke & expanded my innate self-knowing at a very necessary time. – Heather

Alisa and I were acquaintances, and I had asked her to try channeling my deceased mother several months before, but I never heard anything. Then one day out of the blue, Alisa called to tell me that my mother had contacted her while she was driving, and she wanted me to know that my mother had watched me earlier in the day, going through my baby book and holding a lock of my baby hair in my hand. She also provided a lot of other details about my mother, whom she’d never met or knew anything about (including her love of boating, wearing expensive and fashionable scarves and clothing, and her alcoholism). And she was right, that’s exactly what I’d been doing that afternoon, and it was shocking to know that my mother had been “watching” me, and came through with information for me, but also to express her appreciation to my father for all he had done for her, and to let him know how much she had enjoyed being married to him. – J.


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