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Bob Marley sang, “Don’t worry, be happy.”  That’s the ultimate message of this book.  The most important goal of “being human” is to maintain a sense of joy, despite the challenges, frustrations and losses that we face along the way.

No matter our approach, no matter our religious or philosophical beliefs, we will most assuredly face challenges throughout our lives.  We’re here to have a human experience after all.  I’ve often had to practice radical acceptance of “what is” and yet continue to connect to all I felt grateful and appreciative for, no matter my outer circumstances. I also try to recognize when I have created my own problems, and take responsibility for that (while keeping a sense of humor about it all). And most of all, I forgive and love myself for doing the best I can in a really challenging world.

In offering up my book, I want you to begin recognizing when spirit is at work in your life. For example, when synchronous events occur, I want you to take the risks necessary to acknowledge, appreciate, and seize them.  In gaining a different perspective, I hope you will change the way you react to negative circumstances, appreciating that they are your teachers, providing opportunities for spiritual development and growth.  I want to support you in transforming your life to achieve your dreams so that you have greater happiness and deeper fulfillment.

In this book, I share many of the ways the universe supports us in our dreams…keeping us safe (if we listen), teaching us important lessons, helping us to reach our full potential and to find happiness and fulfillment.  These include working with dreams, exploration of past lives, mediumship and psychic realms, synchronicity and what I call silver linings.

Behind the Scenes can be purchased at Amazon.


2 Responses to My Book

  1. Gail Jane Schwartz says:

    This sounds like a really interesting book. I can relate to a lot of what you said. I have been an alcoholic and homeless. I do lots of reading; Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, Robert Sardello, Elaine Pagels, the Gnostic Gospels, Mary Magdalene and lots on women’s spirituality going back for years. I found you on women over 40 on SLSN. It would be interesting to talk to you sometime.

    • augustlake says:

      Hi Gail! I’m glad you found me here. Sounds like we’ve read a lot of the same books. There’s a potluck this Saturday in Seattle. Feel free to join us (you’ll find us in the potluck forum of SLSN). Nice group of women.

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