Meet Alisa

I received my master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from San Francisco State University in 1997.  Although I never aspired to become a traditional, licensed therapist, I felt that obtaining an advanced degree in psychology would provide a great foundation for my work as a non-traditional counselor – which has proven to be true!  Additionally, I am certified as a hypnotherapist and massage therapist.

Since 1997, my “day job” has been developing and coordinating a variety of programs serving homeless, LGBTQ, and foster youth.  I also maintain a small intuitive counseling practice, utilizing both traditional and non-traditional approaches, which includes depth hypnosis, tarot, mediumship, numerology and my natural psychic ability.  I work in person, on the phone, or via email.  Distance does not present an obstacle to a good reading or counseling session.

My other passions include flower gardening, painting, interior decoration, writing and spending time with my young adult son (who has followed his paternal family tradition, and lives aboard a sailboat in a nearby marina).


More about my background and how I came to do this work:

I had a very unusual childhood, raised by two ex-Methodists who met in bible study class at LSU.  I was born in San Diego and by age 11, I’d lived in sunny San Diego, a high rise in downtown San Francisco, in a ghetto neighborhood of Richmond, in a funky rental home in rural Crockett, and aboard a 30′ sailboat on Bainbridge Island, Washington, with my family of four.

My parents considered themselves Buddhist and I watched them study everything from palmistry to sustainable living and organic gardening, to yoga, and the I-Ching.

From a young age, I was taught to believe in reincarnation and that we all choose and create our own realities.  At age 11, I was initiated into Transcendental Meditation by a disciple of the Maharishi, a friend of my mother’s with whom we lived communally following my parents divorce.  A year later, I chose to move with my father, his new wife and her children to a suburb of Omaha.  At age 24, I returned to the Bay Area to live near my dad and step mother, who now lived aboard a sailboat in Sausalito.

When I was 15, my mother gave me a book that changed my life, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, and later, The Holographic Universe, along with books by Jane Roberts, Edgar Cayce and Ruth Montgomery.  Those books led me on a life long exploration of metaphysics, Jungian psychology, dream research and spirituality that has been more compelling to me than anything else.

As a youth, I had many precognitive dreams (dreams that later came true) and I longed to channel this intuitive “gift” into something helpful.

While living on a sailboat in the 1980’s, I sat in the cockpit one day, meditating and reading Sanaya Roman’s book, Opening to Channel.  A couple walked by who were acquaintances of my parents.  I received a strong image that he had cheated on her, and I mentioned this to my parents.  They confirmed that he had, and that they were trying to make it work, but she was very angry and couldn’t forgive him (they soon divorced).

Later, I had a dream that my maternal grandmother, who I had not seen in over 20 years stood on the other side of a screen door, smiled, and said good-bye.  She was very peaceful.  I immediately wrote her a long letter, which she received just before she died less than a week later.  Things like this continued to happen, however, I had no way of channeling this “gift” into something purposeful or useful for others, which was my keenest desire.

With the advent of the internet, I joined an on-line psychic development community, where I had the chance to practice with others.  I found that I could provide very accurate readings by email.  I gained enough of a reputation that CompuServe hired me to provide 10 email readings per week in exchange for free service.

In one of my dramatic early “experiments” in my on-line community, I entered a man’s office in Florida by looking “through his eyes”.  I was able to give him an accurate reading about what I saw in his surroundings, and then describe who he was as a person in what he said was 80% accuracy.

Soon, I was writing to over ten people each week, with an astonishing accuracy rate.  Over time, I  began reading for people over the telephone, and not surprisingly, was able to provide even more accurate and in-depth insight for people.

Although I’ve held many highly gratifying jobs in my life, and have enjoyed a terrific career as a social services program manager, nothing excites me as much as this work, which is my calling.  When I am able to assist a person attain peace and closure in the wake of loss, when a person is able to gain a more positive perspective about a current life challenge, or has an “ah-ha” moment that helps them move forward in their life and ease their suffering…nothing else brings me more meaning or joy.  I feel deeply honored to serve each and every client, for I am also impacted and moved by the work of spirit, and sharing this gift is a blessing to us both.

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